SOTI XTreme Technology: Protect, Improve and Optimize Your Business By 10X


Imagine how much more efficient the world would be if things were done 10X faster than usual: 

Now, think about your business-critical mobile operations. How long does it take to distribute large amounts of apps, data and files to your remote devices in the field? Hours? Days? Weeks, even? Are you not able to deliver fast enterprise mobile device updates when they’re essential? 

While your workers are waiting… and waiting… and waiting to receive updates onto their mobile devices, they become frustrated because they can’t properly do their jobs. Customers become frustrated because they can’t get the level of service and attention they expect. 

SOTI XTreme Technology, found exclusively within SOTI MobiControl (part of the SOTI ONE Platform) makes it faster for organizations to connect and communicate from their corporate HQ to remote transportation and logistics (T&L) warehouses, retail stores and other locations. 

Want to know more about SOTI XTreme Technology? Check out this video:  

Deliver It Faster with SOTI MobiControl Video

Three Ways Fast Enterprise Mobile Device Updates Benefit Your Business 

Depending on the company and industry, it’s not uncommon to see mobile device fleets in the thousands. Some organizations deploy and manage millions of devices.  

Delivering updates to large fleets of mobile devices, especially if they are scattered throughout the globe, is critical to ensure business success and continuity.  

That’s the crux of SOTI XTreme Technology: It increases the level of speed of service and the ability to distribute operating system (OS), app updates and other data files and packages to better enhance the following: 

  • Security: Attackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities to exploit and gain access to a device, system or network. Organizations can send end users seamless updates to install critical upgrades across their entire device fleet instantly. Nearly 40% of people don’t update their mobile devices when a security patch or a new OS version is available. SOTI XTreme technology gives IT Administrators the confidence to push updates seamlessly without requiring any end user manual processes.  
  • Efficiency: 53% of employees say apps improve business processes and productivity by helping with tasks such as data gathering, resource allocation, time tracking, collaboration and communication. With SOTI Xtreme Technology, apps can be pushed from corporate catalogues or customized per user within seconds. 
  • Optimization: Apps provide field workers with real-time insights into the processes of which they’re a part of. Retail workers can check in-store inventory levels and when the next shipment of a particular item is expected. Field service employees can access updated safety information before heading to a jobsite. Home healthcare workers can submit a prescription request directly from the patient’s house without having to stop at a pharmacy first. Keeping data flowing faster, without device downtime, bandwidth or network issues is now easier than ever. 

When critical updates must be sent to the right devices and workers as quickly as possible, SOTI MobiControl keeps pace with business-critical operations. SOTI XTreme Technology facilitates the rapid transfer of apps and data to remote mobile devices at high speeds while solving for the two biggest issues associated with app and data distribution and synchronization: network/bandwidth limitations and traffic limitations. 


Improving the Time Required to Distribute Apps and Data to Managed Mobile Devices in the Field 

Traffic Jams? Not Anymore. 

Typically, mobile device updates are performed in batches to accommodate for limited bandwidth connections. Data and apps are transferred as many times as there are remote mobile devices. The more devices to be updated, the longer it takes. 

With SOTI XTreme Technology, performing fast enterprise mobile device updates to a large fleet can be done in minutes, rather than hours or days. That means everyone gets the same update at the same time. 

Limited Bandwidth? Not a Problem. 

SOTI XTreme Hub communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl from distributed locations to receive data and app transfers, in place of each Android Plus device. 

Here’s an example: Imagine you have 500 devices in a single retail store location and each of those devices has a corporate app needing an update. That means sending the same update 500 times 

But now, you only need to send one update to SOTI XTreme Hub (a Windows desktop computer enrolled with a special Windows Desktop Classic Agent located where your remote devices are, such as a retail store or warehouse). Then, SOTI MobiControl instructs the devices at that location to go and get the update. Suddenly, 500 updates drop to just one, and you enjoy huge savings on data transmission costs. 

Want to know more about SOTI XTreme Hub? Look at this quick video: 

SOTI MobiControl with SOTI XTreme Hub Video

Accelerate Your Business 10X. Deliver Fast Enterprise Mobile Device Updates with SOTI XTreme Technology 

SOTI XTreme Technology benefits these three groups most impacted by your business-critical mobile operations: 

  • Your end users: They get the data and tools they need faster so they can remain, and ultimately improve, their productivity. 
  • Your enterprise IT department: They’re able to reduce the time mobile devices must be connected to Wi-Fi or specific networks for SOTI MobiControl to deliver data intensive apps and files. 
  • Your customers: They will enjoy a better experience with your business when the people helping them get faster access to the apps and tools needed to provide them with superior service. 

Think about getting and doing things 10X faster than before. Imagine ordering a pizza and having it delivered to your home in three minutes instead of 30.  

When it comes to distributing data to thousands of devices, picture that process taking nearly six hours. Now, picture the same process taking just 19 minutes. This is what SOTI XTreme Technology is capable of. 

Discover the Benefits of SOTI XTreme Technology for Your Business 

The best way to understand the power and performance of SOTI XTreme Technology and the real benefits of fast enterprise mobile device updates is to see it for yourself. Here’s how you can do just that: