Just What the Doctor Ordered: Maximize the Performance of SOTI MobiControl With System Health

Two professionals discussing results presented on the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard

Visibility into your operations is business-critical. You need to ensure your remote workers have the apps and data they need to stay productive and do their jobs…and they need it, now!

It’s essential to have the data you need at your fingertips, and to have crucial information about the status of your system instantly accessible.

Increase Your Visibility – All Knowing, All Seeing

We speak with our customers every day. In today’s modern mobile era, instant access to key information in crises or difficult situations is a must.

With SOTI MobiControl’s new System Health Dashboard, you can gain visibility into your system’s operation and performance, allowing you to improve both your employee and customer experiences. Don’t let your network slow you down. Speed up your operations with real-time visibility that allows you to understand and adjust your system immediately.

Screenshot of the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard

Imagine noticing spikes in device check-ins. Simultaneous device check-ins can slow down SOTI MobiControl’s ability to perform other tasks, such as file synchronization, database queries, app deployments and more. System Health Dashboard’s visualization charts provide a real-time and historical view into the operation of your system. With the advanced insights provided by the System Health Dashboard, administrators will gain a deeper understanding of their system and can maximize performance.

Armed with this knowledge, you can take corrective actions to alleviate bottlenecks and avoid potential issues and delays.

Data-Driven Insights – Customize Your Dashboard in No Time

Screenshot of the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard displaying DB queries and message information

By viewing charts showing historical activity, you can tune your system to maximize future performance.

The System Health Dashboard provides analytics on: database queries, active threads, max threads, queue lengths, file transfer, package deployments, device connections, check-ins, CPU, memory usage and more. You asked for insights into the operations of your system, and we listened.

Be the Hero and Save the Day

With SOTI Premium or Enterprise Service you receive 24/7 customer support, SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard and many more features, all under a single pane of glass.

Maximize the performance of your operations with advanced technologies from SOTI.

For More Information

Contact us with your questions about SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard. One of our product experts will get back to you with the information and answers you need.

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