Introducing the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard

SOTI MobiControl user interface displayed on a laptop

You rely on SOTI MobiControl – part of the SOTI ONE Platform – to monitor the location and security and performance of your mobile deployments.

But what about SOTI MobiControl itself? How can you determine what system operations are slowing down package delivery? Where can you go to see which database queries are not executing with optimal efficiency?

And most importantly: what can you do with this information to maximize the throughput of your SOTI MobiControl system?

The answers can be found in the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard1: an innovative new feature that gives you a comprehensive overview of SOTI MobiControl right at your fingertips.

What is the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard?

It’s a slew of rich data – accessible in easy to view and interactive charts – of operation metrics of your instance of SOTI MobiControl.

Check out this video to see how the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard lets you tune SOTI MobiControl for maximum performance:

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The SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard is broken down into two areas: System Overview and Advanced Analytics.

System Overview

System Overview gives you the current picture of the overall health of SOTI MobiControl with visibility into key components such as:

  • Deployment Server and Management Server connection status
  • Current usage and remaining SQL Server storage capacity
  • Certificate expiry
  • SOTI MobiControl Search Health
  • Status of SOTI Services

Advanced Analytics2

  • Time series charts: View historical data (up to 48 hours) to see the progression of system performance of CPU and memory usage, number of REST API calls made, users that have logged into SOTI MobiControl at any given point, queue length, device check-in statistics and more.

  • System performance charts: Get detailed insights on how the Deployment Servers and SQL Server are performing as they process the most resource-consuming messages and database queries. These metrics are based on query frequency, processing speed and query occurrences.

The Value of the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard

Through the various data charts available within the SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard, you can get a clear understanding of how your system is supporting your mobile deployment strategy.

And with this information, you can take corrective actions to optimize your strategy for maximum throughput from your instance of SOTI MobiControl.

Imagine you’re an IT administrator for a field services company. Each day, you notice constant spikes in the device check-in charts. Having so many devices check-in at once slows down SOTI MobiControl’s ability to perform other tasks, such as package deployment.

Armed with this knowledge, you can take corrective actions to alleviate this bottleneck. For example, you can stagger device check-ins based on time or device type to minimize the amount of bandwidth required. Device check-ins still occur as required without using additional CPU which is needed for other business-critical content deployment activities.

The SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard ensures your investment works smarter, not harder, and that your remote workers have the tools and information they need to stay productive, no matter what industry your business is in.

Additional Features

  • Adjust system policies and configurations to optimize the performance of SOTI MobiControl.

  • Look across SOTI MobiControl Deployment and Management Servers to chart resource consumption data, such as active threads, queue lengths and file synchronization delivery.

  • Understand which system resources – such as memory – are in short supply.

  • Discover which system messages are taking longer than expected to process, or database queries which are not executing optimally.

  • Configure dashboard charts to display information about specific servers or other data which is crucial to your mobile operations.

For More Information

Contact us with your questions about SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard. One of our product experts will get back to you with the information and answers you need.

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