SOTI ONE Platform Vital in Delivering Innovative, Business-Critical Mobile Strategies to Central and Eastern European Organizations

Delivery person wearing a mask and holding a tablet while delivering a package

For the global business community, COVID-19 has caused an upheaval like never before, forcing many organizations to completely rethink and adapt their business models to survive in the current climate. Enterprise evolution is critical during these times. Businesses that don’t adapt will struggle, but technology can be the saving grace for many organizations looking to navigate through this storm.

SOTI’s technology is aimed at doing just that. The SOTI ONE Platform is designed to help businesses adapt and scale, breaking the shackles placed on them by legacy infrastructure and outdated systems.

In the past six months, the SOTI ONE Platform has been recognized for its innovation and the business-critical difference it makes to organizations in Eastern Europe, with two award wins at the IT Future Awards 2019 and IntraMag Poland Fair 2020.

In September 2019, the SOTI ONE Platform won the ‘Mobile Trends – Mobile Solutions’ category at the IT Future Awards, which were judged by almost 30 senior industry peers and in March 2020 it won again, with the award judges citing the innovation of the SOTI ONE Platform.

SOTI’s customers have consistently praised the benefits that the SOTI ONE Platform brings to their business, such as global logistics company DPD who uses SOTI MobiControl to drive operational efficiency in its business.

“SOTI MobiControl gives us visibility and control of our mobile operations. The most important benefit was the ability to control and update devices centrally and locally, anywhere at anytime,” said Rudolph Pöcking, DPD Operations, Local Traffic and Development.

The SOTI ONE Platform can be utilized by multiple industry sectors, such as: retail, healthcare, field services, transportation and logistics.

Food delivery giant, Delivery Hero, who relies on SOTI to deliver over one million meals a day to customers, constantly sees the time and cost savings that the SOTI ONE Platform delivers for their business.

“With SOTI we saw significant time and cost savings,” said Julian Haberling, Product Specialist – Restaurant Partner Solutions at Delivery Hero. “Most importantly, our customer support improved as partner restaurants experienced fewer problems with their ordering processing and in-store devices.”

Delivery Hero is one of many frontline businesses that have seen a surge in customer demand, following the COVID-19 outbreak. The continued support that SOTI and its innovative mobility solutions give organizations during these challenging times, enables them to adapt and scale as needed, ensuring that operations can still run smoothly.