Business-Critical Mobility in the Food Delivery Industry Drives Better Customer Experiences

Food delivery worker holding pizzas and looking at his smartphone to find out where his next delivery is



As society continues to evolve, the pace of life continues to accelerate. With this acceleration, the food industry is expected to offer quick and convenient ways of ordering, or risk falling behind. With food delivery apps expected to surge in popularity, Ryan Webber, Vice President of Enterprise Mobility, SOTI, shares how business-critical mobility is essential for providing better customer experiences in the food delivery industry.


Hosted by Emily Jackson, Financial Post Reporter and Down to Business Podcast Host, this National Post Radio segment breaks down the rapid advancement in the industry and how business can keep up with the technological changes. Want to learn more? Listen to the full podcast above.


Our top three highlights

ON WHY FOOD DELIVERY APPS ARE POPULAR: “There’s been a lot of advancements in the speeds at which mobile devices can operate in. There are things that can be done now that simply were not available before.”


ON RAPID ADVANCEMENT: “We’re going to see new industries cropping up leveraging mobile technology. Which really points to the important element of ensuring that if your organization is relying on mobile technology, that you’re always up and running and can leverage that technology at all times.”


ON IMPORTANCE OF TECH ADOPTION: “People are becoming more reliant on the devices in their hands. Everybody is more comfortable selecting the food that they want (online) and they need to leverage mobile devices. Restaurants need to adapt by embracing technology to ensure the user experience is first and foremost. For restaurants, the customer experience is critical.”