What’s New in the June 2019 Update of the SOTI ONE Platform

The June update of the SOTI ONE Platform introduces new releases of both SOTI Snap and SOTI MobiControl. SOTI Snap 1.9 adds several new enhancements including a new map widget to make it easier for app developers to share important locations with app users. SOTI MobiControl 14.4 adds share device capabilities for iOS and Android, as well as new management capabilities for SOTI MobiControl Plugins, Profiles, Android, Linux and macOS.  


SOTI Snap 1.9

SOTI Snap 1.9 introduces a new map widget that allows app developers to pre-define and share important locations with end users. In addition, SOTI Snap 1.9 provides a new integration to SOTI Connect, enabling SOTI Connect beta testers to build SOTI Snap apps that pull and submit device data from and to SOTI Connect. SOTI Snap 1.9 also delivers improved event logging and error and warning messages, making it easier for app developers to identify and troubleshoot app issues.

For a detailed list of changes in SOTI Snap 1.9, visit the SOTI Snap documentation page.


SOTI MobiControl 14.4

For years, organizations have deployed shared devices in their classrooms, offices and call centers, helping them reduce their device costs while ensuring employees, customers and students have a personalized experience on shared devices. So, it’s no surprise that shared devices are growing in business-critical areas of the organization as well, such as warehouses, transport vehicles, field services and patient care. SOTI MobiControl 14.4 makes it easy for companies to deploy shared iOS and Android devices throughout their organization. The new shared device capabilities ensure only authenticated users get access to the device and see only the apps and content they have access to. Once a user is done with the device, SOTI MobiControl automatically wipes their app data and content, protecting confidential company information.

SOTI MobiControl 14.4 also includes numerous management enhancements across OS platforms including:

  • New Android+ enhancements, including a SOTI MobiControl Plugin Delivery Service that simplifies the download and installation of SOTI MobiControl Plugins for advanced management of Android devices
  • The ability to deploy profiles to devices during non-critical periods of operation by specifying time windows when deployment can occur
  • New macOS actions, configurations and scripting capabilities.
  • Silent installation of private and public key certificates to Linux devices, and the ability to schedule tasks (i.e. scripts) based on a schedule

Support for Shared Devices 

SOTI MobiControl administrators can configure iOS and Android devices so they can be shared among multiple users. Administrators can select which users can log into a shared device based on their membership in an Active Directory (AD), Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Identity Provider (IdP) user group. They can optionally indicate which Terms & Conditions should be presented to the logged-in user. When a user successfully logs into the shared device, the device is automatically configured with the user’s settings, content and apps. Once the user logs out from the device, by default all user-specific content, settings and apps are automatically removed/wiped, preventing unauthorized parties from accessing the user’s data. Administrators even have the option of logging users out of the shared devices remotely, as well as running reports on the user login/logout activities on shared devices.


How to Share iOS Devices


How to share Android devices



Android+ Enhancements

SOTI MobiControl plugins extend management capabilities on Android devices managed by SOTI MobiControl. The SOTI MobiControl Plugin Delivery Service enables administrators to download and install plugins within the SOTI MobiControl console, eliminating the need to manually download the plugins via SOTI’s website and deploy them as packages. Administrators can choose to download and install the plugins of device manufacturers and models that are relevant to their deployment. SOTI MobiControl takes care of deploying the plugins to the appropriate devices.

SOTI MobiControl 14.4 also introduces several improvements to Android Enterprise Management including: 

  • A new action to disable the lock screen on Work Managed devices
  • A new feature to disable the microphone on the device
  • New installations of SOTI MobiControl provide Android Enterprise as the default option for Android management; this includes application management through the Play Store and device policy management through Android Enterprise profiles 

In addition, SOTI MobiControl delivers extended Android management capabilities including: 

  • The ability to prohibit the SOTI MobiControl agent from connecting to the SOTI MobiControl server when the device is connected to certain Wi-Fi networks
  • Approved speed lockdown apps now remain in the foreground when speed lockdown is activated, reducing distractions for the driver


Deployment of Profiles During Specific Time Windows

Administrators can now specify time windows when profiles are deployed to devices, minimizing downtime and disruption for end users during critical hours of operation. Time windows can be restricted to certain days of the week, weekdays or weekends, giving SOTI MobiControl administrators complete flexibility over when profiles are deployed to devices.


New macOS Actions, Configurations and Scripting Capabilities

SOTI MobiControl 14.4 introduces new actions, configurations and scripting capabilities giving administrators more control over their managed Mac computers, and reducing the manual effort required to configure the devices. The enhancements include:

  • Support for per-app VPN configurations, enabling administrators to enforce which applications can, or must, use the VPN connection
  • The ability to send scripts written in Bash, Pearl, JavaScript or Python to automate actions or configure settings not available through Apple’s MDM protocol
  • A new action to remotely shutdown the device
  • View Firmware Password Status
  • Manually/automatically renew MDM profile 


Certificate Management and Task Scheduler for Linux

SOTI MobiControl 14.4 introduces the ability to silently install both public and private key certificates on Linux devices, enabling secure access to company resources such as VPN, WiFi, and email. In addition, the Task Schedule configuration introduced in SOTI MobiControl 14.3 for Android devices, has been extended to Linux. Administrators can schedule scripts to execute at a specific date and time, or periodically on the device, enabling automated periodic maintenance that must be done on the device to restore, reset or enforce configurations. 


Other Enhancements

Other notable enhancements to SOTI MobiControl 14.4 include:


  • Favorite Device Actions - The ability to mark device actions as favorites so they stick to the top of the action list and at the beginning of the action bar, giving administrators the freedom to organize device actions the way they want. 
  • Target Profiles Based on Device Name – SOTI MobiControl administrators can assign profiles based on device name. 
  • New Device Search Properties - SOTI MobiControl administrators can create new query devices based on Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program), Health Attestation and TPM (Trusted Platform module) properties.  
  • SOTI MobiControl Web Console Password Expiration - SOTI MobiControl administrators can specify the number of days after which a local user’s web console password will expire. Within two weeks of password expiry, the logged-in user will be notified on every login to change their password. 
  • View Serial Numbers of Hololens Devices – Administrators can now view the serial number associated with a HoloLens device running Windows 10 RS 5 and above in the SOTI MobiControl console, making it easier for them to uniquely identify Hololens devices. 
  • New REST APIs – New APIs for management of compliance policies, advanced configurations of device groups and the global proxy settings for the management service and jobs have been introduced.  


For a detailed list of changes in SOTI MobiControl 14.4, visit the SOTI MobiControl documentation page.


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