Say Hello to macOS Support with the Release of SOTI MobiControl 14.1

macOS support

Today’s organizations are dynamicand the types of devices that each employee needs in order to perform are even more robust; this is why we have been working hard to add the capability of macOS management to our industry-proven Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.

We’re excited to release SOTI MobiControl 14.1 because it means our customers can now enjoy the industry’s broadest range of device support. Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows devices can all be secured and managed, throughout the entire organization, using one easy-to-use solution. In the past, our clients faced a challenge when trying to find one EMM solution to manage all devices, especially when their employees needed to work with Macs. By adding macOS devices to the list, we can now confidently say that no other EMM solution supports more devices than SOTI.

Why IT Administrators Will Love MobiControl 14.1

IT administrators can invite users to bring their own Macs and be confident that they will have visibility into these devices accessing company resources. They’ll also have the ability to enforce security policies to ensure Macs comply with their company’s security posture. With MobiControl 14.1, control is ensured: IT administrators will be empowered with a full view on asset inventory such as device properties and installed application. Security capabilities are also offered to oversee authentication, screen timeouts, certification installations, device restrictions, and lock and wipe. In addition, they’ll have full access to configuration profiles for company resources including email, calendar and contacts, as well as ethernet, WiFi and VPN connectivity. To top things off, end users can enroll their own devices through a self-service portal, ultimately helping to ease every IT department’s already heavy workload.

There’s More Than Just macOS Support

While macOS support is exciting enough, MobiControl 14.1 doesn’t stop there. There are enhancements to SOTI Hub, boosts to the Administrative Console, and updates to the management of the iOS and Windows platforms, all of which result in a better experience for both IT administrators and device users.

SOTI Hub Enhancements

Our mobile content management solution, SOTI Hub allows authenticated users to browse and download files from an approved list of content repositories. With MobiControl 14.1, content management is made even more efficient with Sharepoint Online and OneDrive support and the ability to edit Office documents and annotate PDF files. These enhancements underline SOTI Hub’s goal to enable organizations to securely access company files from anywhere without the risk of those files being disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Boosts to the Administrative Console

We’ve boosted the Administrative Console to make its search function even more powerful to use. End users can quickly find what they need with accuracy using query-based searches that incorporate keywords, while date-specific queries are now easier with the introduction of a calendar widget. In addition, end users now get real-time notifications of updates to devices listed in their search results.

OS Platform Updates

MobiControl 14.1 provides more power over the management of iOS and Windows 10 devices with new device restrictions on iOS, and the introduction of geofencing capabilities on Windows 10 devices.

If you haven’t deployed an EMM solution in your organization, now is a perfect time to consider it. We all know that an enterprise has different functional areas and each department needs different devices to do their job. Yet whatever the device, and whoever the user, all enterprise PCs, laptops and mobile devices must be secured and managed. SOTI MobiControl has been solving this problem for businesses for over 20 years and with the release of version 14.1, we offer the industry’s broadest device support that includes macOS devices!

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