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Unleash Your Inner Developer

Unleash your inner Developer with SOTI SNAP - Video

Did you know that developing a custom application for your business can take as long as five months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars? In fact, 64% of businesses report a large app development backlog, and 37% of them face a shortage of mobile app developers.

SOTI Snap is a cross-platform mobile app development solution built for businesses. It empowers organizations to build the mobile apps they need quickly and cost-efficiently, without the need for specialized resources. Anyone can build an app by dragging and dropping the widgets they need so businesses can prototype, iterate and deploy apps in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. SOTI Snap takes the cost, complexity and coding out of mobile app development for your business.

SOTI Snap is one part of a powerful suite of solutions. Click here to learn how your business can experience the SOTI ONE Platform.

What Can SOTI Snap Do For You?

  • No Coders Required

  • Automatic cross-platform apps

  • Streamline data entry, reduce errors

Features and Capabilities

  • Drag and Drop App Development
  • Build and Deploy Apps Instantly
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Automate Data Capture
  • Rich Media Support
  • Built-In Integration
  • App Services – COMPLIMENTARY!
  • App Multi-Tasking
Group of people sitting around a table and using Apple laptops and an Apple iPad.

Building apps is as easy as dragging and dropping controls on a device-shaped canvas. Quickly prototype and iterate apps and determine their true ROI.

Someone looking at an app on a smartphone while app services are being delivered via the SOTI Snap interface on a laptop screen.

Respond quickly to changing business requirements for the apps. No need for skilled developers to build custom logic for Android and iOS operating systems. Apps can be deployed immediately.

Testing an app in a safe environment before deployment ensures usability and helps identify and correct issues. SOTI Snap lets you create multiple environments where you can test and publish numerous apps independently of each other. By segregating app environments, you can be assured the production version of your app is unaffected, while the future version is being field tested.

Closeup of fingers typing on a laptop computer keyboard.

Start building apps immediately – no setup required. Use Azure AD to authenticate end users accessing SOTI Snap apps.

Remote worker standing up and using an Apple laptop computer.

Capture data within the app by scanning barcodes, taking photos, scanning NFC tags, recording audio, uploading files and automatically capturing geolocation coordinates.

Two men working in an office and looking at data on a laptop screen.

SOTI Snap supports the use of rich media such as sound, images and videos. Remotely train mobile workers and present information in easy-to-understand formats with the use of images and YouTube videos.

Man sitting down and working with a tablet computer.

Connect SOTI Snap apps to backend systems using custom REST APIs, Webhooks and Zapier integration. Pull information from spreadsheets in Google Drive and Office 365. Leverage SOTI Snap’s integration with other SOTI ONE solutions to create unique LOB apps that incorporate device management and help desk capabilities.

SOTI Snap features SOTI Snap Link, which enables app developers to export SOTI Snap app data to internal destinations which are not publicly accessible. This out-of-the-box solution smartly establishes an outbound secure connection to the SOTI Snap server and then exports critical app data to either a Microsoft SQL Database or SMTP Email Server.

Someone looking at an app on a smartphone while app services are being delivered via the SOTI Snap interface which is being displayed on a laptop screen.

If you’re looking to get up and running faster with SOTI Snap, SOTI has introduced a free app building service. No matter your SOTI Snap license type, including trial licenses, SOTI wants to hear about the applications you want to build. There are no requirements to get started!

Two men looking at data on a tablet with an image of tall buildings superimposed

Use multiple apps at once and multi-task between them quickly and efficiently. App users can open multiple SOTI Snap apps and easily switch between them in the recent apps view.