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Unleash your inner Developer with SOTI SNAP - Video

SOTI Snap is a cross-platform solution that enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps to replace paper-based processes by using the data-capturing capabilities (camera, video recording, barcode scanning, etc.) of your mobile devices. With SOTI Snap, you can easily digitize data collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient, allowing your business to save money and optimizing your mobile device investment.   

Once data is collected, SOTI Snap moves it through automated, customized workflows to required stakeholders for necessary decision-making. This enables organizations to quickly act on data in near real-time while having full visibility into what data has been collected, who has seen it, where it is in the approval process and where it is going next. This helps cut costly, time-consuming bottlenecks, making you more productive and enabling service delivery in a snap.  

SOTI Snap is one part of a powerful suite of solutions. Experience the SOTI ONE Platform.

The Challenge with Manual Processes

Human error and recording data manually are time-consuming and can lead to data being missed or incorrectly recorded. Manual records also make it difficult to find accurate real-time insights into business operations. Unless recorded and shared manually, verbal approvals are not documented or referable, leading to inaccurate records and slow operations. With inbox volumes rapidly increasing, email approval requests end up buried and lead to a long list of manual follow ups and a complex record of communication.

Digitize and Streamline Manual Business Processes in a Snap.

    Drag and drop image gif

    Rapid Digitization of Paper-Based Processes

    Drag and drop widgets onto an intuitive, device-shaped canvas to prototype and iterate. Expedite the transition from paper to digital and cut costly, time-consuming bottlenecks.

    Centralize and Streamline Manual Business Processes gif

    Centralize and Streamline Manual Business Processes

    Centralize and Streamline Manual Business Processes Standardize processes by connecting workflow-automated tasks. Reduce errors, improve transparency and accountability while increasing efficiencies.

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    Create Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Automatically

    Create cross-platform mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Push mobile apps to devices instantly and reduce time to market.

What Can SOTI Snap Do for Your Business?

SOTI Snap enables organizations to digitize manual, paper-based processes such as inspections, auditing, surveys, inventory tracking and incident reporting. By automating processes, SOTI Snap eliminates the costs delays and inconsistences of manual, paper-based processes, allowing you to optimize your ROI.

Increase Operational Efficiency Through Timely And Consistent Forms And Workflows

  • Digitize Forms and Surveys:

    Create UX-rich electronic forms and surveys within minutes. Capture necessary information through various options and collect signatures electronically.

  • Create Standardized Workflows:

    Automate business approval processes, enhance user productivity and increase operational efficiencies. Get real-time visibility into where bottlenecks are occurring in the process.

  • Create Mobile Apps with Offline Capabilities:

    Ensure mobile apps are always functional, even when there is intermittent internet connectivity, to maintain productivity.

Improve Employee and Customer Experience and Reduce Data Loss:

  • Automate Data Capture:

    Capture data within your app by scanning barcodes, taking photos, scanning NFC tags, recording audio and capturing geolocation coordinates.

  • Share Information and Training Materials with Rich Media Support:

    Train mobile workers remotely and present information by building mobile apps with embedded webpages, images and video.

  • Customize Reports:

    Automatically receive customized reports through email on a schedule to efficiently track data and records.

Integrate with Existing Business Systems

  • Import Data into Mobile Apps from Existing Databases (both on-premise and in the Cloud) and Cloud Applications:

    Point SOTI Snap to a file or cloud application to automatically import data for use in your mobile application.

  • Build Mobile Apps with Blockly:

    Easily develop features using blocks without the need for traditional coding.