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Proven Mobility Management with SOTI MobiControl

Proven Mobility Management SOTI MobiControl Video

SOTI MobiControl is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that gives you visibility and control over where your business-critical mobile devices are, what they’re doing, how they’re performing and what security or compliance risks they’re facing.

Deploy apps to smartphones. Enroll and provision new tablets in the field. Track the location of rugged devices. Identify and neutralize security risks to the IoT endpoints. Protect critical data stored on mobile devices. Minimize device downtime so field workers stay productive.

It’s the EMM solution designed for any device, any form factor, any operating system (OS) and any mobile requirements of your business.


Now Featuring SOTI XTreme Technology and SOTI XTreme Hub*

SOTI MobiControl now features SOTI XTreme Technology. This new feature optimizes data communication performance for organizations with limited bandwidth connections to their remote warehouses, distribution centres and retail stores. SOTI XTreme Technology reduces the time required to distribute apps and data to your remote mobile devices. Improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction with 10X faster data delivery.

SOTI XTreme Hub communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl from distributed locations to receive data and app transfers, in place of each individual Android device. Individual devices are instructed by SOTI MobiControl to acquire new updates directly from the SOTI XTreme Hub. This greatly reduces the number of times new data and apps are required to be sent across an organization’s limited connection, and reduces the time required to complete data and app deployments across large numbers of Android devices by up to 60%.

SOTI MobiControl is one part of a powerful suite of solutions. Click here to learn how your business can experience the SOTI ONE Platform.

*SOTI XTreme Hub is only available to customers who subscribe to SOTI Premium Plus or Enterprise Plus Service

What Can SOTI MobiControl Do For You?

  • Deploy devices quickly and easily

  • Securely manage apps and content

  • Eliminate mobile device downtime

  • Optimize data delivery 10X or more

Features and Capabilities

  • Full Lifecycle Device Management
  • Express Enrollment and Provisioning
  • Create Geofences
  • Save Money by Sharing Devices
  • Advanced IoT Management
  • Advanced Windows Management
  • Secure Content Management
  • Flexible Application Management
  • Accelerate Your Business 10X
  • Flexible Deployments
  • Complete Visibility into SOTI MobiControl Performance
  • Quickly Update Zebra Devices
Office workers looking at an enterprise device that is managed by SOTI MobiControl.

Mobile security is only as strong as its weakest link. SOTI MobiControl makes it easy to secure and manage your devices and endpoints through their entire lifecycle.

Businessman holding a tablet and explaining what's on the screen to his colleagues.

You need to get your user's mobile devices up and running as fast as possible. SOTI MobiControl offers many different methods for rapid enrollment and provisioning, including: SOTI Stage, Apple DEP, Android Zero-Touch Enrollment, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot and Zebra StageNow.

Person setting up geolocation rules on a computer

Create precise geofences anywhere and of any shape to track the physical location of devices. Deploy policies apps and content based on whether the device is inside or outside the geofence to ensure compliance while devices and data are on the go.

Visual for two service workers sharing a mobile device

SOTI MobiControl gives you options when it comes to sharing devices among employees:

For Android and iOS Devices:

Shared Device Configuration allows organizations to share devices among multiple shifts, creating a personalized experience based on their individual login credentials. 

SOTI Mobile SSO supports Android and iOS and is built using SOTI Identity. It leverages certificate-based authentication to validate end users to seamlessly grant access to all necessary apps.

For Android Devices:

Support for Android devices running Android Enterprise which have Microsoft 365 applications installed via Microsoft Entra ID Shared Device Mode. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) support for shared devices which utilize the Imprivata Mobile Device Access (MDA) app controls the exposure of third-party apps to Imprivata MDA. 

For iOS Devices:

Shared iPad for Business lets organizations share iPads between employees. Managed Apple ID allows for personalized access to the specific apps and data each worker needs to perform their tasks. 

For Windows Devices:

Support for Microsoft Entra ID Shared Device Mode allows users to log into a shared device and have access to required Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps that are integrated with the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL). 

Businessman sitting at a desk looking at a tablet with a cityscape superimposed on top of him.

The billions of devices and endpoints forming the Internet of Things require a new approach to security and management. SOTI MobiControl is the industry's first management solution for Linux-based mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints.

SOTI MobiControl maximizes the deployment, productivity and security capabilities of your Windows devices. Get them into the hands of end workers faster, boost efficiency and protect against threats.

  • Microsoft Entra ID Integration with SOTI MobiControl speeds up the authentication process for Android, iOS and macOS devices upon enrollment. 

  • PowerShell Scripting with Script Status and Output lets you know if sent scripts were successful or not. This information, along with the reason behind any failed scripts, is available in the SOTI MobiControl console.  

  • Windows Defender Firewall for Windows Modern Devices prevents unauthorized connections from the Internet or other networks onto an internal enterprise network. 

  • Password Complexity enforces the use of stronger and more complex passwords in the authentication payload to protect corporate devices against phishing attacks or security breaches. 

  • Block external peripherals such as USB devices and serial tools from connecting to Windows devices.  

  • SOTI XTreme Hub1 improves the distribution time of business-critical packages, apps and data to Windows Modern Devices by up to 10X. 

1. Available for SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service customers only.

Businessman and business woman sitting in a public place and looking at a laptop computer that's protected by secure content management.

Your mobile workforce needs access to key company documents, data and files from anywhere, at anytime. SOTI Hub and SOTI Surf deliver a secure content management solution that optimizes productivity while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Businessman and business woman sitting at a desk and working alongside each other while looking at a laptop computer.

Mobile applications are the "heavy lifters" of business mobility. SOTI MobiControl makes it easy to deploy and manage enterprise solutions and LOB apps for your multi-OS device environment. Packages and profiles ensure the right versions of the right apps are installed for the right workers.

Closeup of fingers typing on a laptop keyboard with a cityscape superimposed on top of the image.

Businesses now contend with deployments in the hundreds of megabytes, or even gigabytes of data, as they move to Android. Distributing those apps and OS updates can be particularly challenging for distributed environments such as: retail stores, distribution centres, warehouses or manufacturing facilities, where their Internet connections are limited. SOTI MobiControl introduces SOTI XTreme Technology and SOTI XTreme Hub – new features that optimize data communication performance 10X or more.

A collage of a woman in front of a vending machine, an office worker and a field services worker using various devices.

With more mobile devices in the enterprise than ever before, having the ability to manage and support various device policies and deployment scenarios is business-critical. Manage and support any deployment scenario with SOTI MobiControl, including: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Corporately Owned, Business Only (COBO), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) and Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE).

Man holding a tablet displaying SOTI MobiControl performance information

The SOTI MobiControl System Health Dashboard* gives you real-time and 48-hour historical visibility into operational stats such as: queue lengths, processing times, CPU, DB performance and server health. Make smart, data-based decisions to correct outlier actions and predict issues before they become critical performance blockers.

*Available only to SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service customers.

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Close up of a Zebra device displaying customer information

Reduce the time it takes to update Zebra devices with Android OS and LifeGuard security patches as SOTI MobiControl now supports Zebra FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air). From SOTI MobiControl, update your entire fleet of Zebra devices. No need to switch between websites. No need to download firmware updates. No need to perform numerous manual steps.