SOTI MobiControl on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Click, Configure and Go

SOTI MobiControl and the SOTI ONE Platform continue to push the boundaries of traditional MDM/EMM/UEM software, empowering companies to securely manage any mobile device or endpoint with any form factor and any operating system throughout it's entire lifecycle; from deployment to retirement.

SOTI is proud to be recognized as a Preferred Solution on the Azure Marketplace. Preferred Solutions are selected by a team of Microsoft experts and published by Microsoft partners with deep, proven expertise and capabilities to address specific customer needs in a category, industry or industry vertical.

With the Azure Marketplace, IT professionals and developers can easily find, try, purchase and provision applications and services from hundreds of leading software providers, all certified to run on Microsoft Azure. Click, Configure and Go; you’re in the Cloud with world-class software. Enjoy the convenience of a single bill, regardless of how many applications you purchase.

Start your SOTI MobiControl free trial with no commitment, credit card or purchase order (PO) required for a full 30 days.

Benefits of SOTI on the Azure Marketplace

  • Start small and scale when you're ready

    With the Azure Marketplace, Microsoft gives IT teams the opportunity to evaluate what’s out there by starting small with the following options:

    1. Take advantage of free trials
    2. Test drive applications for fit
  • Cut down on procurement complexity

    The Azure Marketplace is designed to cut complexity and make procurement as simple as possible across three straightforward options:

    1. Access thousands of free applications
    2. Bring your own licenses (BYOL)
    3. Reduce legal friction with Standard Contracts
  • Keep within your cost parameters

    The Azure Marketplace offers several tools to help you track and control spending, allowing you to:

    1. Set and track budgets with the Azure Cost Management tool
    2. Work towards your Azure consumption commitments as 100% of purchases count
    3. Set and manage policies for the Azure Marketplace purchases by your users

Let's break down the Azure Marketplace by the numbers:

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of SOTI MobiControl on the Azure Marketplace

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