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Identifying the biggest pain points challenging your retail operations is only part of the equation. SOTI helps to solve some of the biggest mobility challenges for businesses across the globe. Discover how the SOTI ONE Platform can help set your retail operations up for success.

NEW GLOBAL RESEARCH: From Clicks to Ships: Navigating the Global Supply Chain Crisis 2022 Report

In our latest report, From Clicks to Ships: Navigating the Global Supply Chain Crisis 2022 Report, we've taken a closer look at how consumer purchasing behavior and expectations have shifted in the new global retail landscape.

In this report you will uncover:
  • How supply chain disruptions have changed consumers' shopping habits
  • The impact that surging online consumer demand has on retailers today
  • Insight into the consumer demand for convenient delivery options

3 Biggest IT Retail Tech Headaches And How to Alleviate Them

3 Biggest IT Retail Headaches

Mobile tech is everywhere. Your company is using scanners, tablets, printers, kiosks, RFID readers, etc. that are supposed to make things faster, easier and more profitable. Often they do, but they also result in day-to-day headaches for IT and support teams. Watch SOTI's VP of Product Strategy, Shash Anand's presentation on what retailers have told us ranks at the top of their list of frustrations and see if you can relate. More importantly, find out what you can do about it.

"By investing in mobile technology, brands and retailers can not only diagnose problems quickly and adapt to the evolving retail ecosystem, but ensure they remain on top of consumer needs, support employees out in the field and remain profitable,” - Shash Anand, VP of Product Strategy

Why Manage Your Mobile Strategy with the SOTI ONE Platform?

  • Security

    Lockdown your managed devices anytime, anywhere, to maintain security, compliance and protect sensitive data.
  • Integration

    The SOTI ONE Platform secures and manages all mobile/IoT devices, operating systems and usages (BYOD, COBO, COPE).
  • Personalized

    SOTI works with you to develop and implement end-to-end management for all your essential mobility requirements.
  • Deployment

    Leverage SOTI MobiControl’s rich enrollment capabilities to rapidly deploy devices, content and apps.
  • Track Assets

    Workers and devices are on the go. Visibility into the location and status of these assets helps improve operations.

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The SOTI ONE Platform reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of the world’s top retailers worldwide.