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Today, more than 50 per cent of the workforce (representing 1.7 billion workers) is mobile, relying on technology and mobile solutions to perform their everyday job functions. Many workers – such as nurses, first responders , field service technicians, or delivery drivers – depend on reliable mobile access in real-time to critical information at the point of interaction.


Mobility is business-critical, and this reality has put more pressure on companies to find solutions that safeguard customer or asset data for remote workers while supporting productivity, reducing workforce downtime/failures and providing clear ROI (return on investment).


If organisations are not leveraging an integrated mobile approach to improve the visibility, management, and support of their business-critical mobility solutions, they are limiting their ability to quickly diagnose and fix issues which directly leads to losses in revenue.

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Key findings from the whitepaper:

  • Each mobile failure incident can result in over 100 minutes in lost productivity – or 23% of a daily shift.
  • One dropped connection or poorly performing application per shift can translate into almost $20,000 in annual support and productivity loss costs per mobile worker.
  • With mobile applications taking an average of five months and $55K to develop, organisations are struggling to keep up mobile application demand.
  • Only one in five respondents claim having “complete visibility” into their BCM solutions.

EMM solutions offer substantial benefits:

business critical benefits

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How do I know I need an EMM solution?

  • Your mobile devices are strategic company resources that are expensive and time-consuming to replace.
  • You need to get properly provisioned devices into the hands of your mobile workers as soon as possible.
  • You need to prevent worker downtime and get them up and running again quickly when they have device or app problems.
  • Your company depends on more and more mobile apps to operate. You need to manage who has what version of which app.
  • You operate in a regulated industry where any sensitive data on your worker's devices has to stay on the device.
  • Your company supports bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) to reduce costs and increase worker satisfaction, but BYOD can jeopardize data security and regulatory compliance.

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