Scheduling Device PRK Regeneration

Before you begin

  • Using the FileVault configuration, make sure to enable the Store Personal Recovery Key in MobiControl option.
  • You must have the Manage PRK Encryption Certificate permission. See General Permissions for more information.

About this task

To schedule a periodic regeneration of the personal recovery key on a device using the Advanced Configurations:


  1. Select a device name to open its Device Information panel.
  2. Switch to the Configurations tab and scroll down to the Advanced Configurations table.
  3. Select Regenerate Personal Recovery Key (macOS).
  4. On the REGENERATE PERSONAL RECOVERY KEY (macOS) page, turn on the Enable to schedule regeneration of Personal Recovery Key option.
  5. In the Add Regeneration Schedules field, select the Plus icon.
  6. Select the Frequency, Run Task Every, and Time of choice to schedule a periodic regeneration of the personal recovery key.
  7. Select ADD.


You have successfully regenerated the personal recovery key!