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SOTI MobiControl is an enterprise mobile management solution dedicated to helping you manage your enterprise devices. Use SOTI MobiControl Help to learn about all the features available through SOTI MobiControl.

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SOTI MobiControl Installation

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System Requirements

Finding Your Way Around the SOTI MobiControl Console

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User Management in SOTI Identity

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Managing Devices Basics Managing Android Devices Managing Apple Devices

Enrolling Devices

Managing Device Enrollment Rules (Non-Android Devices)

Understanding Device Agents

Troubleshooting Device Issues

Managing Android Enrollment Policies

Adding Android Plus Devices

Choosing an Android Deployment Type

Using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Adding iOS Devices

Adding macOS Devices

Using Apple Automated Device Enrollment

Using the Apple Push Notification Service

Managing Windows Classic Devices Managing Windows Modern Devices Managing Printers

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Enrolling Windows Mobile/CE Devices

Setting Up a Local Agent Builder Service

Working with Windows Modern Devices

Enrolling Windows Modern Phone Devices

Enrolling Windows Modern Desktop Devices

Enrolling Windows Modern Devices with Azure Active Directory Join

Adding Printers

Setting up a Printer Administration Server

Enrolling Printers in SOTI MobiControl

Managing Device Configurations Managing Device Applications Managing Device Data

Using Profiles

Assigning a Profile

Understanding Profile Configurations

Using Settings Manager

Using App Policies

Using Packages

Adding Packages

Uninstalling Applications

Using File Sync Rules

Using XTreme Hubs

Using Content Library

Wiping Devices

Monitoring Devices Generating Device Reports Sending Script Commands to Devices

Using Alert Rules

Using Data Collection Rules

Securing Devices

Understanding Report Types

Generating a Report

Scheduling a Report

Importing a Custom Report

Sending Scripts to Devices

Android Plus JavaScript Scripts

Using Environment Variables

As your employees increasingly rely on their devices to keep them connected and performing optimally, finding tools that meet your evolving needs is vital for success. SOTI MobiControl enables you to manage your enterprise devices - and their data, connections, security, and more - from a central location.

Furthermore, the SOTI MobiControl device search makes it easy to craft precise search queries that let you to find and target exactly the devices you want.

Whether you're running an on-premises deployment or taking advantage of the SOTI MobiControl Cloud option, getting started with SOTI MobiControl is simple. Once you're set up, you'll be ready to begin enrolling your devices and managing them from the SOTI MobiControl console.

Hover over different areas in the image below to see what you can do right from the Devices view. Select each area to learn more.

SOTI MobiControl console with Android devices.Find and filter your devices based on keywords or device properties.Move between the different SOTI MobiControl views.Organize your devices into device groups.Gather insights about your deployment at a glance with Charts.Receive notifications about issues in your deployment or new features.Perform various actions on selected devices.
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