Using Content Library


SOTI MobiControl's Content Library is a file storage and distribution system where you can upload files in the SOTI MobiControl console and send them to your devices.

Note: The Content Library is only available on the Android Plus and Apple tabs.
Files in the Content Library
The deployment server stores files uploaded to the Content Library. When setting up the Content Library, you must specify a storage location for the uploaded files.
Note: The storage path must be accessible by the deployment server, such as via a shared network or hard drive folder.

Upload any file type to the Content Library. The maximum size per file is 2 GB, and you can upload files to the capacity of your chosen storage location. Configure your settings to distribute individual files or create a Content Library policy to govern the distribution of groups of uploaded files.

Note: On iOS, files synchronized to devices using a File Sync Policy appear in the Content Library, although Content Library Policies do not apply to them.

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