Disconnection Recovery for XTreme Hubs

If your Windows Desktop Classic or Linux XTreme Hub device have trouble connecting with Android devices, they will recover in the following ways.
Note: XTreme Hub support for Linux is only available for SOTI MobiControl version 15.6.2 and higher.
Scenario Recovery Behavior
A device is downloading files from an XTreme Hub device and receives new download instructions from the deployment server. The device will cancel the current set of file transfers and start a new download process for the new instructions.
While downloading files, a device loses its connection to the XTreme Hub device. At the next device check-in, the device will resume downloading from where it lost the connection. It will not restart the download from the beginning.
In environments with multiple XTreme Hub devices, there may be rare occasions where some XTreme Hub devices have more recent files than others. If a device connects to an XTreme Hub device with out-of-date files, it will download outdated files. However, as soon as it connects to an up-to-date XTreme Hub device, it will update its files.
The XTreme Hub device is offline (there is no connection between it and the deployment server) Devices will continue to try and connect to the XTreme Hub device according to the settings specified in their advanced configuration.
Note: Even if all XTreme Hubs are offline simultaneously, devices will not fall back to the deployment server for distribution.

To force devices to use a deployment server for file distribution, you need to disable or unenroll all applicable XTreme Hub devices. See Reverting to Deployment Server File Distribution for details.