Reverting to Deployment Server File Distribution

About this task

To stop using Windows Desktop Classic or Linux XTreme Hubs to distribute files and return to using the deployment server:
Note: XTreme Hub support for Linux is only available for SOTI MobiControl version 15.6.2 and higher.


  1. In the Devices view, open the Device Information panel of an XTreme Hub device.
  2. Select More in the Device Actions list and choose either:
    • Disable to stop the XTreme Hub file transfer capabilities of the device. The device continues to communicate with MobiControl and downloads files from the deployment server but does not transfer them. Use this option if you want to temporarily return to using the deployment server to distribute files.
    • Unenroll to unenroll the XTreme Hub from SOTI MobiControl entirely. Use this option to permanently return to distributing files through the deployment server.
  3. If applicable, expand the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see why the selected device cannot be disabled or unenrolled.
  4. Click Disable or Unenroll.
  5. Required: Repeat on all XTreme Hub devices, or, if you only want some devices to return to deployment server distribution, repeat on all XTreme Hub devices within the device tree branch(es) of those devices.


At their next device check-in, selected devices will receive files and packages directly from the deployment server.