Configuring Settings for Windows XTreme Hub Devices

Before you begin

Make sure the FQDN of your Windows or Linux XTreme Hub device matches its full computer name.
Note: XTreme Hub support for Linux is only available for SOTI MobiControl version 15.6.2 and higher.

About this task

You can control where the deployment server saves files and packages on the XTreme Hub device. You can also change which port an XTreme Hub device uses to communicate with the devices it sends files to.

To configure settings for an XTreme Hub device:


  1. In the Devices view, right-click on the device group that contains the XTreme Hub devices whose settings you want to configure, and select Advanced Configurations.
  2. Optional: For Windows XTreme Hubs, select Windows Desktop Classic in the device family dropdown list.
  3. Optional: For Linux XTreme Hubs, select Linux in the device family dropdown list.
  4. Select the XTreme Hub advanced configuration.
  5. Turn on Apply changes to all Child Groups and Devices and Enable XTreme Hub.
  6. Update the values for the Configuration Settings.
    File Storage Path Enter the location on the device where files from the deployment server are transferred to.
    Enter the file location path in either of the following formats:
    • Windows Desktop Classic

      \\ or drive:\.

      The default file location is C:\ProgramData\SOTI\MobiControl\

    • Linux


    Port Enter the XTreme Hub's port number used to communicate with devices.

    The default port number is 443.

  7. Select Save to save your settings.


The XTreme Hub device will follow these settings for communication and file distribution.