Understanding Data Management Methods

SOTI MobiControl offers several features to manage data organization and delivery. Use the following table to distinguish between their offerings and purpose.

Detail Packages File Sync Policies XTreme Hubs Content Library

(iOS and Android only)


(iOS and Android only)

Description Packages are containers for delivering applications, scripts, or files to your devices. Packages can include installation instructions for that file.

Packages are distributed through profiles and can be scheduled.

Use file sync policies to exchange and synchronize file changes between your devices and a central repository.

A file sync policy can update location-specific configuration files or perform other quick file updates.

XTreme Hubs speed up the distribution of files as devices pull files through local, faster connections, ensuring an optimum flow and reducing network traffic. Content Library is a storage repository for enterprise files, accessed through the agent only, ensuring security. Policies govern file distribution. SOTI Hub is a secure repository controlling how employees access and share enterprise content outside the corporate network.

SOTI Hub can integrate other repositories, such as SharePoint.

App Delivery
File Delivery
File Synchronization
Distribution Infrastructure
Secure File Repository