Using SOTI Hub

SOTI Hub is a secure repository that allows organizations to control how employees access and share enterprise content outside of the corporate network. Once you install the SOTI Hub app on your devices, users can access content from a content repository specified in the SOTI Hub profile configuration, which applies settings to the app.

You can link SOTI Hub to cloud and on-premises content repositories, though functionality differs slightly depending on your repository choice. See About SOTI Hub Content Repositories for details.

SOTI Hub is compatible with devices running Android 4.2 or later and Apple devices running iOS 9 or later.


SOTI Hub has the following capabilities:

  • LDAP Authentication: Use LDAP to authenticate device user access to the SOTI Hub app.

  • Content Creation: Make content a two-way street. Device users can create new files or edit existing files and upload them to the content repository to share them with others.

    See Creating Content Within SOTI Hub for more information.

  • Data Leakage Protection: Control how your device users interact with the files in your content repository to limit the potential exposure of your company data.

    See Using Data Leakage Protection for more information.

  • Mandatory Folders and Files: Designate folders and files in your content repository as "mandatory."SOTI MobiControl downloads mandatory folders and files to the SOTI Hub app where device users cannot remove them. The SOTI Hub app automatically updates file changes when connected to the content repository.

    See Using Mandatory Files for more information.

  • Download Resumption: Resume interrupted downloads from the point of disconnect when the network comes back online. WebDAV repositories support download resumption on WebDAV repositories with the SOTI apps Server extension and OneDrive and OneDrive for Business repositories.

    Download resumption is triggered only when the download is interrupted by a network connectivity problem. If the SOTI Hub app closes or the device user logs out of the app, all in-progress downloads become cancelled.

  • Search on Server: Allow device users to search all the content available on the repository from their device. Search results appear when found rather than when the full search is complete for faster results.

    Note: The SOTI apps Server extension (for WebDAV only) is required for this feature.
  • Offline Functionality: Continue using the app even when devices have no network connection or the content repository is offline. Disconnected device users can still view any downloaded or cached files and folders. Depending on your SOTI app configuration settings, device users can log into the app if their password matches the cached value of the field.

  • Hub Device Report: Allow device users to view real-time and historical SOTI Hub device usage data. Based on the Data Sync Frequency period configured, the SOTI Hub Agent sends the collected data to the SOTI MobiControl Server using the communication protocol. The collected data resides in the SOTI MobiControl database. SOTI MobiControl administrators can generate the reports under the Global Reports section to validate all the downloaded, accessed, or read files along with the associated device, file, and repository information.

    See Accessing Real-Time and Historical SOTI Hub Device Usage Data for more information.

Tip: SOTI Hub is a SOTI MobiControl SDK-enabled app; therefore you can remote view the SOTI Hub app when it is in the foreground of an iOS device. Select the Remote View device action for an iOS device with SOTI Hub installed. This is not applicable to Android devices, which you can remote-control regardless of the SOTI Hub app.