System Health

View vital system stats in a variety of interactive, up-to-date charts and tables.

What is System Health

System Health brings key data about the various components of your SOTI MobiControl to the forefront, in easy-to-view, intuitive charts and dashboards that show real-time and historical data about your system. These advanced insights help administrators gain a deeper understanding of the operations of their SOTI MobiControl system and maximize performance and throughput. For on-premise customers, this functionality offers a leg-up in fine-tuning the CPU and RAM utilization.

Users with complex distributed environments and aggressive deployment schedules can get real-time visibility into their system and device fleets via a series of charts that can combine multiple hosts/servers. Such visualization helps identify performance outliers for corrective actions. Information that was previously available only via the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility (such as certificate and database data) is now easily accessible through the SOTI MobiControl console.

System Health offers deep insights into your device fleet, and helps you track progress of your content distribution operations. You can improve user experience by identifying device connectivity issues and proactively resolving those issues.

In addition to a rich collection of real-time charts, System Health offers access to over 100 data points though REST APIs.

System Health includes two main functional areas:
Note: Both functional areas are available for on-premise and cloud-based customers.

Who Can Use System Health

While System Overview is available to all customers regardless of their service contract, the Advanced Analytics functionality is only available to customers with SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Premium Plus Service. In addition to the Advanced Analytics, customers with this class of service enjoy exclusive access to certain REST APIs, which enable retrieval of advanced metric information on their SOTI MobiControl instance.

The Advanced Analytics functionality is available with:
  • Trial license
  • Production license with SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service

Downgrade from SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service to Standard support

If a customer has access to the Advanced Analytics functionality and then downgrades to Standard support, all charts under Advanced Analytics are disabled. Also, the customer will no longer have access to the REST APIs that come with Advanced Analytics.

Upgrade to SOTI Premium Plus or Enterprise Plus Service

If a SOTI MobiControl instance upgrades to SOTI Premium Plus or Enterprise Plus Service, the Advanced Analytics functionality, including charts and APIs, becomes enabled in that instance.