Using Packages

SOTI MobiControl uses packages to deliver applications, scripts, or files to your devices. Packages are created in Package Studio, a free, standalone application from SOTI. Package Studio creates a package that contains the files that you want to install as well as any installation instructions for that file. You can add multiple files to a single package. The files and instructions are compressed into a single package. Compressed packages allow for faster transmission of software and data over low-speed network connections. Packages are supported on the Android Plus, Linux, Windows Mobile/CE, Windows Modern (Desktop), and Printer platforms.

Note: Download Package Studio from the Packages view and refer to Using Package Studio for specific instructions on creating packages in Package Studio.
The Packages view of the SOTI MobiControl console.

After you create your package in Package Studio and upload it to SOTI MobiControl, you can send it to your devices using a profile. You can then see detailed information about your package by opening its Package Information panel.

The Packages Information panel in the SOTI MobiControl console.

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