Arranging XTreme Hubs

Follow these guidelines to get the best performance from your XTreme Hub system.

Physical Locations of Devices

XTreme Hubs perform best when located on the same local network as the devices they distribute files and packages to. That way, they can take advantage of faster network speeds when delivering files.

Console Locations of Devices

In the SOTI MobiControl console, you should arrange Windows or Linux XTreme Hub devices to encompass a broad range of devices (and device groups) and, if you have multiple XTreme Hub devices, so that devices can transfer to another XTreme Hub if an error occurs with their closest XTreme Hub.
Note: XTreme Hub support for Linux is only available for SOTI MobiControl version 15.6.2 and higher.
Logical Device Tree

A root device group (Root) with three nested device groups (One, Two, and Three) might have four XTreme Hubs spread across those device groups: an XTreme Hub device directly under Root, one in One, two in Two and none in Three. Devices receive files from the closest XTreme Hub device in the device group tree. Ideally, devices should also be close geographically, but the geographic location does not affect which XTreme Hub a device connects to.

Tip: Add multiple XTreme Hub devices to the same device group to create a load-balanced environment. Devices will automatically choose and connect to the most available XTreme Hub in the device group.

If their closest XTreme Hub is unavailable, devices will try to connect to the next nearest XTreme Hub. That is, if the XTreme Hub in One failed, devices in group One will crawl up their device tree branch until they find a working XTreme Hub. In this example, their next closest XTreme Hub is the XTreme Hub in Root.

Devices in Three will never request files from the XTreme Hub in Two because that XTreme Hub is outside their device tree branch.

Note: If all XTreme Hubs fail, devices will continue to attempt to download files from the XTreme Hub according to the settings specified in their XTreme Hub advanced configuration. They will not automatically revert to pulling files from the deployment server.

If you want to force devices to use the deployment server for file distribution, see the instructions at Reverting to Deployment Server File Distribution