Establishing XTreme Hub Reconnection Settings

About this task

Control how devices should recover if they fail to download files from your Windows Desktop Classic or Linux XTreme Hub on their first attempt.
Note: XTreme Hub support for Linux is only available for SOTI MobiControl version 15.6.2 and higher.

To set download retry settings:


  1. In the Devices view, right-click on the device group that contains the devices whose XTreme Hub settings you want to configure and select Advanced Configurations.
  2. Make sure Android Plus is selected in the device family dropdown list, and select the XTreme Hub advanced configuration.
  3. Turn on Apply changes to all Child Groups and Devices and Enable XTreme Hub.
  4. Update the values for the Configuration Settings.
    These values determine how devices should behave if they fail to download files from the XTreme Hub device on their first attempt.
    Retry Sync Interval

    If a device cannot download files from XTreme Hub on its first attempt, it will pick a random time in the specified interval and attempt again.

    Retry Sync Attempts Specify how many times a device can try to download files from its XTreme Hub.

    If all attempts fail, the device will wait until its next check-in to try and download files.

  5. Select Save to save your settings.


Devices will follow the download retry settings specified here.