Adding macOS Devices


If you have installed the APNS certificate and created an add devices rule for Apple devices, you can begin enrolling your macOS devices.

Important: Choose the macOS user account that you use for enrollment carefully. Some configuration settings only apply within the user account that was used for enrollment rather than to the entire device.

This section contains the following topics:

Device Agent

You can install a device agent on your macOS device. A device agent provides the following advantages:

  • Application Catalog: organize mandatory and suggested applications for the device into a single location
  • Message Center: send messages to the device from the console
  • Location: view a device's location
  • Remote Control: control the actions of devices remotely
    • Remote View: view the actions of the device as it is manipulated by the device user
    • Chat: use instant messaging to communicate with device user during remote view sessions
    • File Browsing: navigate the file system during remote control sessions
  • Support Information: add contact information so device users can easily get in contact with your support staff

Furthermore, with a device agent, SOTI MobiControl management policies are visible from a central location on the device.

If you choose not install a device agent, you will still maintain a high level of management abilities over your macOS devices.