Updating Devices


SOTI MobiControl stays in sync with enrolled devices by requiring them to periodically check-in to the SOTI MobiControl deployment server. Devices report their status details and any other data requested by the administrator to the deployment server, while the deployment server verifies that the current settings and configurations of the device match those listed in the database. The deployment server fixes any inconsistencies between the two by adding, removing, or altering the device's settings, configurations or applications as necessary.

The schedule for device check-ins are initially set by the add devices rule associated with a device, but you can change the schedule at any time after enrollment. You can also initiate a device check-in to immediately synchronize your devices to SOTI MobiControl.

Certain device configuration changes are pushed down to devices immediately, rather than waiting for the scheduled check-in. These include profile assignments, device setting modifications, and device actions.

This section contains the following topics:

Push Notification Intermediaries

Apple and Windows Modern devices require intermediaries to allow push notifications (necessary for ad hoc device check-ins) from SOTI MobiControl.

On Apple devices, the Creating APNS Configurations (APNS) facilitates device check-ins to SOTI MobiControl. As you cannot enroll Apple devices without a valid APNS certificate, you are unlikely to encounter a situation where enrolled Apple devices cannot check in.

On Windows Modern devices, you can choose to either enable or opt out of the Windows Notification Services (WNS). If you choose to opt-out of the WNS, device configuration changes will only be pushed to your devices according to the scheduled device check-in.