Synchronizing Device Time

About this task

A time synchronization policy ensures your devices' time and date match the SOTI MobiControl deployment server or a specified SNTP/NTP server.

  • Different regions within a single time zone may adhere to the different Daylight Saving Time (DST) adjustments. When configuring your Time Synchronization, ensure that you refer to Daylight Saving Time Around the World for the correct information regarding when DST begins and ends in different regions.

  • You can apply a time synchronization policy to Android Enterprise Work Managed devices with SOTI MobiControl v13.6 (or later) device agents. Samsung devices must have an activated ELM license. On non-Samsung devices, you must install the SOTI MDM plugin for the OEM compatible with the device.

  • Zebra devices running Android 8.x do not support Time Synchronization. However, Time Synchronization is supported in Android 9 devices and above with Android Agent 14.1.0 and above.

    Tip: If you need to use a Zebra device running Android 8.x, you can imitate the Time Synchronization functionality by using Clock Settings in the Zebra StageNow utility tool. You can then export the Clock Settings to .xml and apply it to your devices using the mxconfig script command.

To configure a time synchronization policy:


  1. Click a device name to open its Device Information panel.
  2. Switch to the Configurations tab and scroll down to the Advanced Configurations table.
  3. Open Time Synchronization.
  4. Open Enable Time Synchronization Policy and select between using the SOTI MobiControl deployment server or an SNTP/NTP server.
  5. Modify the settings as needed.
  6. Click OK to save your new settings.

What to do next

To modify device time synchronization policies at the device group level, open a Group Information panel and edit Time Synchronization in the Advanced Configurations table of the Configurations tab. You will need to modify the setting for each applicable device family present in a device group.