Adding Packages to SOTI MobiControl

About this task

After you create a package in Package Studio, upload it to SOTI MobiControl and send it your devices using a profile.

Note: Packages can be deployed to devices on the following platforms: Android Plus, Linux, Windows Mobile/CE, Windows Modern (Desktop), or Printer.

To add a package to SOTI MobiControl:


  1. In the Packages view, click the New Package button in the upper right corner and choose a platform from the dropdown menu.
  2. In the New Package dialog box (see New Package), click Browse File to navigate to either a .pcg file created in Package Studio or an .apk file (for Android devices).
    You can add only one .apk file at a time. SOTI MobiControl uses Package Studio's default settings when it adds an .apk file. If you want to use settings other than the default, you will need to create a package containing the .apk file in Package Studio and change the settings there.
    Note: The package SOTI MobiControl creates for the .apk file contains the name and version from the manifest file embedded within the .apk file.
  3. Click Upload to upload the package to SOTI MobiControl.
  4. Repeat for any additional .pcg or .apk files you want to upload to SOTI MobiControl.


Your packages are now available in SOTI MobiControl and ready to be sent to your devices.

Tip: You can add multiple versions of the same package to SOTI MobiControl. They are grouped together under their package name and sorted by version number. Additionally, you can set package dependencies to determine installation order if the packages must be installed in a specific order. The dependent packages will not be installed until their prerequisite package has been installed.

What to do next

Use a profile to deploy packages to your devices.