FileVault Reports

SOTI MobiControl provides the following report types to collect macOS device or system information and create simple reports for analysis.

To access these reports, from the SOTI MobiControl hamburger menu, select Servers to open the legacy console. Select the Apple device family > Reports tab from the menu at the bottom-left corner > Device Reports (Flat View).

Report Description
FileVault PRK Access Provides information on administrative aspects of FileVault PRK Access.
FileVault PRK Access with Inactivate Certificate Provides the list of devices with FileVault PRK encrypted and escrowed to the SOTI MobiControl server using an inactive certificate.
Note: Any certificate(s) other than the currently uploaded certificate on the PRK Encryption Certificate page is considered 'Inactive.'
Legacy FileVault Provides the list of devices where FileVault PRK cannot be decrypted in the SOTI MobiControl Web Console.

See Generating Reports for information on generating and scheduling reports.