Add/Edit Application Run Control Entry

In this dialog box you specify the device restriction you want to add to the Application Run Control list.

Note: The fields displayed in this dialog box change depending on the policy type you select in the Policy Type list.
Target Type Select the target type of the restriction.
  • EXE: Define a restriction for launching executable applications.
  • MSI: Define a restriction for executing Windows Installer files.
  • Modern Application: Define a restriction for running apps from the Windows Store.
  • Script: Define a restriction for running scripts.
Note: On Windows Phone and HoloLens, Modern Application is the only target type available.
Policy Type Select the policy type of the restriction.
User or Group SID Enter the Windows user or group security ID you want the restriction to apply to, or select a predefined user or group security ID from the list.
Name Enter a name used to identify the restriction.
Description Enter a description for the restriction.

The remaining fields in this dialog box are determined by the policy type you selected in the Policy Type list. See the help topic that corresponds to the policy type for a description of the remaining fields.