Feature Control (HoloLens)

Use this dialog box to configure individual device features.

Note: Feature control policies are only supported on HoloLens for Business devices.


Disable Store Application Automatic Update Specifies if apps are automatically updated from the Windows Store. Choose an option from the dropdown list:
  • User Controlled: Device user chooses to allow or deny automatic updates.
  • Enabled: Automatic updates are enabled.
  • Disabled: Automatic updates are disabled.
Disable Developer Unlock Specifies the status of Developer Unlock on devices. Choose an option from the dropdown list:
  • User Controlled: Device user can choose to enable or disable developer unlock.
  • Enabled: Developer unlock is enabled
  • Disabled: Device user cannot enable developer unlock.

Device Account

Disable Microsoft Account Connection When enabled, device users cannot connect their devices to a Microsoft account


Disable Location Service Determines the status of Location Services on the device. Applications on the device will be blocked from using Location Services. Choose an option from the dropdown list:
  • User Controlled: Device user can switch location services on or off.
  • Enabled: Location services are enabled and device user cannot disable them.
  • Disabled: All location services are disabled and no applications can access location information. Device user cannot enable them.
Restrict Telemetry Data Determines the amount of diagnostic and usage telemetry data sent to Microsoft. Choose one of the following levels:
  • Security: Sends only data required to keep Windows secure
  • Basic: Sends basic data such as device information, app compatibility and usage data and data from the Security level
  • Enhanced: Sends security and basic data plus additional insights such as how Windows, Windows Server, System Center, and apps are used, how they perform, and advanced reliability data
  • Full: Sends all data necessary to identify and solve issues plus data from the Security, Basic and Enhanced data levels.

Levels are listed in order of least to most data sent.


Disable EAP Fast Reconnect Allows EAP Fast Reconnect from being attempted for EAP Method TLS.


Require Internal Storage Encryption When enabled, internal storage must be encrypted.