Root Certificates

Use a Root Certificates configuration to distribute root certificates to Windows Modern devices.

Note: Certificate Type and Location settings are applied to devices with Windows 10 and above. This includes HoloLens and HoloLens for Business devices. For devices with an older version of Windows, certificate locations are automatically determined based on the type of certificates selected, and the location settings are ignored.
Select from these available certificates Lists the currently available certificates.
  • New: Opens the Add Certificate dialog box in which you can select a root certificate you want to upload to SOTI MobiControl. Once it has been uploaded, the certificate will appear in the list where you can select it for the profile configuration.
  • Download: Downloads the selected root certificate from SOTI MobiControl to your local machine.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected root certificate from SOTI MobiControl.
(Windows Modern Desktop and HoloLens) Specify the type of certificate Select whether you want the certificate to be installed in the Device store or the User store.
Specify the target location for the certificate installation Select the location where you want the root certificate to be installed.
Note: You cannot install certificates on the User store in the Trusted Root CA location.