Authentication (Phone)

An Authentication configuration enables you to set minimum requirements for password-based user authentication on a device.

Complexity Requirements

Minimum Password/PIN Length Select the minimum number of characters a password must have.
Allow Simple Passwords or PINs Allows the device user to define a simple password to unlock the device.
Enforce Complex Passwords by Including the Following Select this option to set the level of password complexity you want to enforce.


Password Expiry In Days Enter the number of days before a password expires.
Number of Unique Passwords Before Reuse Enter the number of unique passwords before a previous password can be reused.


On the Enforcement tab you set conditions for locking or wiping the device.

Maximum Duration of Inactivity Before Screen Lock The number of minutes of inactivity on the device before the screen becomes locked, forcing the user to re-enter their password to gain access.

A value of zero indicates that there is no limit.

Maximum Number of Failed Password Attempts Before Device Wipe The number of incorrect attempts to unlock the device that is allowed before the device automatically resets and all data is deleted.

A value of zero indicates that there is no limit.