Assigned Access: Configurations

The Assigned Access: Configurations profile configuration restricts device users' access to a set of admin defined applications, specified by their administrator. Device users are prevented from accessing any other applications or device controls while Assigned Access is active. Applications can be either Modern Windows (.appx) or Classic (.exe) applications. You can apply Assigned Access to a local device account, a domain account, or a Microsoft account.

The Assigned Access: Configurations dialog box provides a list of applications to choose from in the Allowed Applications tab.

Once the profile has been assigned, devices must be rebooted before the Assigned Access profile configuration will take effect. You should also reboot the device when the profile configuration is revoked.

Note: Certain settings are only applicable to Window Modern Desktop devices. Additionally, hover over Applicable Editions in the dialog box to make sure your Microsoft HoloLens version is supported.


User Account Enter the user account where the Assigned Access profile application applies. Assigned access supports local device accounts, domain accounts, or Microsoft accounts.

If using a local account, enter just the username, no domain.

If using a domain account, include the domain with the username, i.e. domain\username

If using a Microsoft account, enter the complete email address, i.e.

If using a Microsoft account with Azure domain join or Azure enrolled devices, enter AzureAD\ followed by the complete email address, i.e. AzureAD\ Do not change AzureAD\ to another domain.

Show Taskbar When enabled, the taskbar is visible on the device during assigned access mode.
Grid Options (Device Dependent) Select the grid layout of the allowed applications.

Allowed Applications

Add Click to open the Add Allowed Application dialog box where you can determine which applications the device user can access while the device is in assigned access mode.
Edit Click to open the Add Allowed Application dialog box where you can edit the applications that you've already selected.
Delete Click Delete while an application is selected, to remove it from the list of allowed applications.

Start Layout

Use this tab to configure how the tiles appear in the Start menu. You can add tiles for both applications and web pages.

Add Click Add and select one of:
  • Application Tile: to add an application tile to the Start menu.
  • Web: to add a link to a webpage to the Start menu. Web tiles will open in Microsoft Edge
to open the Add Application Tile or Add Web Link Tile dialog boxes respectively, where you can configure the application or web tile.
Note: You can only add Application Tiles for applications already configured on the Allowed Applications list.
Edit Click Edit while an application or web link tile is selected, to edit its settings.
Delete Click Delete while an application or web link tile is selected, to remove it form the Start menu.