Assigned Access (Phone)

Assigned Access replaces the standard device home screen with a customizable home screen. Users have access only to authorized applications, and are prevented from accessing all other applications and device controls.

By locking down devices, organizations can minimize the risk of unauthorized persons accessing information on their mobile devices. Administrators can control exactly which programs users are allowed to run. This decreases the amount of down-time caused by users changing settings that may adversely affect the operation of the device or application software, and also decreases support costs. SOTI MobiControl allows running the mobile devices in a kiosk mode with a read-only access to provide critical information to the end users, without giving them the ability to change the settings.

Note: Assigned Access is available only on devices running Windows 8.1. Once the Assigned Access configuration has been applied, you must factory reset the device if you want to remove the configuration.


Enable Action Center Allow the user to access Action Center by swiping down from the top of the device.
Enable Menu Items Allow the user to tap and hold on a program in the application list and access the Uninstall, Share, and Pin to Start menu items.
Default Screen Size Allow the user to select the number of icons displayed on the Start menu.

Small allows 4 small-sized icons per row.

Large allows 6 small-sized icons per row.


The Applications tab allows you to define exactly which applications are available to run on the device. You can select any application that is part of Windows Phone (1st party apps) or any application that was deployed by your organization (3rd party apps).

Application Name Select from a list of default applications (1st party apps) or enter a name of choice.
Application ID (3rd Party Application) Enter the Application ID of the program to which you want to provide access.
Parameters If the application has any parameters that the program needs when run, they should be listed here.
Pin to Start Allow the application to be displayed on the Start menu.
Size Specify the size (in screen tiles) of the application's icon on the Start menu.

Small-sized icon is a 1x1.

Medium-sized icon 2x2 .

Large-sized icon is 4x2.

Position Specify the X and Y coordinates of where the application is to be placed on the Start menu.


The Buttons tab allows you to change the default behavior when a button is pressed on the device. You can change the Camera, Back, Start, and Search buttons. You cannot change the function of the Power or Volume buttons.

Button Name Select which hardware button is to be configured.
Action Select an action pertaining to the selected button.
Lockdown Disable the specified button and its corresponding action.
Remap Remaps the selected button and its action to launch a specified application.
Application Name Enter, or select from the drop-down list, which application is to be utilized.
Parameters If the application has any parameters that the program needs when run, they should be listed here.


Any settings specified in this configuration will be permitted from the Access Controlled device.

New Select which settings option to permit on the device.
Edit Edit the selected entries to select a new settings option.
Delete Remove the selected settings option to disallow access.