VPN: Pulse Secure

Configure Pulse Secure VPN settings on your devices.

To exclude specific applications, namespaces or networks from the VPN, use the Applications, Name Space or Network tabs on the right side of the dialog box. Use the Windows Companion for SOTI MobiControl application to retrieve the necessary application information.


VPN Connection Type Choose between Automatic or Manual.
VPN Name The name of the VPN connection.
VPN Server Hostname / IP Address The server hostname or IP address of the VPN connection.
Custom Configuration Enter any custom configuration settings.
DNS Suffix The domain of the VPN connection.
DNS Suffix Search List Specify DNS Suffix Search List for VPN configuration.
Bypass For Local Enable/Disable bypass VPN connection if resource is in local network.
Trusted Network Detection Enable/Disable Trusted Network Detection functionality. VPN will not connect when the user is on their corporate wireless network where protected resources are directly accessible to the device. DNS Suffix is required in order to detect the corporate wireless network.


Proxy Choose between None or Manual. (If you choose Manual, the Proxy Server and Port fields become enabled.)
Proxy Server The hostname or IP address of the proxy server.
Port The port number of the proxy server.
Bypass Proxy for Local Requests that local resources in the remote network will bypass the VPN.

Connection Settings

Split Tunnel Enable split tunnel functionality. Split tunnel allows a device to connect to a VPN and non-VPN network at the same time.
Remember Credentials Enable the storing of credentials for this connection.