Add/Edit Allowed Application

Use the Add Allowed Application dialog box to choose which applications the device user will have access to while the device is in assigned access: configurations mode.

The Assigned Access: Configurations dialog box provides a list of applications to choose from in the Allowed Applications tab.

Once the profile has been assigned, devices must be rebooted before the Assigned Access profile configuration will take effect. You should also reboot the device when the profile configuration is revoked.

Type Select the type of application from the dropdown list:
  • Modern: .appx
  • Classic: .exe
Note: The list of applications in Select an application changes depending on the type of application you select. This field is only applicable to Windows Modern devices as HoloLens devices only support Modern applications.
Select an Application Select an application from the dropdown list.
Note: On Windows Modern Desktop devices, you must choose an application type before you can select an application.
Application Path/ AUMID This field is populated once you select an application.
Application Name This field is populated once you select an application.