What's New in SOTI Snap Online Help

New Product Features

The following new SOTI Snap features are covered in this version of the online help:

  • Table Widget: Developers can now build SOTI Snap apps that act as a front end to their databases by allowing device users to make record operations (such as read). By configuring Read APIs in Table Widget in the SOTI Snap app, all the records from databases can be loaded into the table. See Add a Table Widget and Table Widget Data Population Examples for more information. Note that only read operations are supported in SOTI Snap version 3.3.
  • Video Player Widget (Beta): SOTI Snap opens newer possibilities for building video-related apps such as training app or digital signage. Video Player widget allows building a playlist of multiple videos which could be streamed in a go in the SOTI Snap app. See Add a Video Player Widget for more information.
  • SOTI Snap data export and import with SOTI XSight: See Create a SOTI XSight Data Export and Create a SOTI XSight Data Import for more information.
  • Secured web communication in SOTI Snap app: Administrators can enforce only https-based communication in apps. See Configure Device Settings for more information.

Improvements and Additions to the Online Help

The following improvements and additions have been made to this version of the online help: