Updating SOTI Connect

About this task

Important: SOTI Connect can be updated to the current version from any previous version, but you must install the updates in sequential order. For example, if you have SOTI Connect v 2.3 installed, and you wish to upgrade to SOTI Connect v 2.4, update to SOTI Connect v 2.3.1 first, then update to SOTI Connect v 2.4.


  1. Run the SOTI Connect installer executable (SOTI Connect Installer.exe).
  2. In the SOTI Connect Setup Wizard, select Update existing installation and click Next.

    Connect install wizard with Update Existing Installation selected

  3. Review the list of SOTI Connect components that are available for update. Clearing a checkbox uninstalls the component. Click Next when you are finished your customizations.

    Connect install wizard showing list of installed components

  4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the update process.


SOTI Connect has been updated.

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