Using Managed Google Play Accounts

Managed Google Play accounts are device based and are best for situations where the device will be used by multiple users, such as in kiosk environments. To use managed Google Play accounts on your devices, you must create an Enterprise - a set of user, device and administrator accounts that organizes enterprise apps for your devices. You can create multiple enterprises to best accommodate the structure of your organizations but each Google account can only own one enterprise. You can only create an enterprise through SOTI MobiControl or another valid Enterprise Mobility Management provider. Learn more about enterprises and managed Google Play accounts.

Once the enterprise is set up in SOTI MobiControl, you can enroll your devices using an add devices rule. LDAP is optional for managing devices with managed Google Play accounts. Once the device connects to the enterprise, a managed Google Play account is automatically created within the associated enterprise and applied to the device.

Note: When a device with a managed Google Play account is unenrolled or deleted, or its associated enterprise is unbound, the account and its policies will be removed from the device.

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