Using Google Managed Accounts

Google managed accounts are user accounts provided by Google but managed by your organization. Each user account is associated with a specific individual which makes Google managed accounts best suited for deployments where the expectation is that a device will be associated with a single user over its lifetime, or at least for significant periods.

Tip: For kiosk or multi-user situations, consider Using Managed Google Play Accounts instead.

This section contains the following topics:

Before you can enroll your devices with Google managed accounts in SOTI MobiControl, you must grant SOTI MobiControl permission to manage those devices in the Google Admin Console, Google's central location for managing your Google enterprise services.

Learn more at Google Admin Console Help.

An organization can grant access to manage any Android devices under its domains. Management access is based on users and domains, both of which must be registered in the Google Admin Console. An Android device with work features can only be managed in SOTI MobiControl after the device user, and the domain that they belong to, have both been registered in the Google Admin Console.

Each user account must exist within both Active Directory and Google if you want to properly push applications to that device.

Note: You must use LDAP when using Google managed accounts on your devices.

Once you've finished setting up your users and domains in the Google Admin Console, the next step is to bind your domains to SOTI MobiControl so you can enroll and manage your Android devices.