Android Enterprise Devices

The Android Enterprise program, led by Google, streamlines the deployment of Android devices in corporate environments. It standardizes device management for Android devices across different OEMs, to provide a clear baseline on how to deploy your Android devices.

The Android Enterprise Network Requirements for SOTI MobiControl document has the list of required hosts and ports to ensure full functionality of Android Enterprise devices.

Note: You can find the complete list of hosts and ports in Google's Android Enterprise Network Requirements document.

With SOTI MobiControl, you can manage your Android Enterprise devices in three ways.

Important: The managed Google Play Store is a complementary part of the Android Enterprise program. It allows MDM administrators to dictate which apps their users can access and controls updates to those apps. If you plan to use the managed Google Play Store to manage applications on your Android Enterprise devices, you'll need to create an Android Enterprise binding in SOTI MobiControl before enrolling your devices. See Android Enterprise Bindings for the available options.

Setting Up SOTI MobiControl for Android Enterprise Management

Enrolling a Company-owned Device into Android Enterprise Management

Enrolling Employee-owned Devices into Android Enterprise Management

Deploying a Plugin for Extended Management of Android Enterprise Devices