System Requirements for Live Support

The system requirements for Live Support are as follows:

System Property Requirement
SOTI XSight Version 4.3
Services Chat Services (See Enabling Chat Services)
Note: You can only use one Chat Service (this includes both single and multi-node environments).
SOTI MobiControl Version 15.7 or higher if you want to launch a Live Support session from SOTI MobiControl. For lower versions, you need to launch Live Support directly from SOTI XSight.
Note: All Live Support sessions get opened in SOTI XSight regardless of the SOTI MobiControl version you are using.
SOTI MobiControl Agent Version or higher for BlitFire remote control.
End user device Version Android 7.0 or higher
Memory Minimum 2GB RAM (recommended)
Clock Speed Minimum 1.6GHz for octa-core CPU or 2.0GHz for quad-core CPU
Services Install the following: