Protocol Adapter (PA) Setup

Within a cluster, each physical PA is connected to the MQTT broker individually. Advantages of this are that messages are evenly divided between all PAs in the cluster. This increases speed and allows more devices to be connected. Also, if a PA stops working, the other PAs compensate to eliminate downtime.

You can add a PA to any other PA to form a cluster. You can have an unlimited number of PAs in a cluster, but a PA can only belong to one cluster at a time. To move a PA to another cluster, you must uninstall it from the cluster it currently belongs to, then reinstall it on the new one.

Each PA in the cluster is able to interact with every available device on the MQTT broker. As a result, if one PA on a cluster goes down, device interaction is routed to another available PA.

Note: All cluster members must be able to work with all MQTT brokers (or protocol instances).