Device Information Page

You can view the information about a device or make changes to it by opening its device information panel. Each tab provides a different view of device attributes.

Devices View Available Tabs

Table 1. Device Information Tabs
Device Details The Device Details tab provides customizable tables of information about your device.

More information about Device Details

Visualization The Visualization tab provides a visual representation of your device and specific device information. This tab is not visible for all devices.

More information about Visualization

Rules The Rules tab lists the rules that apply to this specific device.

More information about Rules

Collected Data The Collected Data tab lists the history of activity of the device.

More information about Collected Data

SOTI XSight The SOTI XSight tab lists logged incidents that apply to this device.

More information about the SOTI XSight tab.

Notes The Notes tab provides user-generated notes that have been attached to this device.

More information about Notes

Logs The Logs tab provides a list of logged notifications from the device.

More information about Logs

Certificates The Certificates tab lists the certificates this device has and their details.

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