Global Settings: General

Use the General pane to configure SOTI Connect settings and add URLs to other SOTI systems.

General Configuration Use this section to select the measurement system you want SOTI Connect to use for displaying values. This does not affect the device.

The Transaction Timeout range slider allows you to set the amount of time that SOTI Connect should continue to wait for a response from a device before canceling the attempt to connect with it. This helps if you perform a lot of device check-ins at once, resulting in time-outs, or if you have a remote device type with a slow response. For regular use, the default settings should be sufficient.

Database Configuration Use this section to view the name and network location of the SOTI Connect database. The values are read-only and will be created during the installation of SOTI Connect.
Device Registry Configuration Use this section to enable and configure settings for Device Registry.

You will need your authentication details for the Device Registry, and a certificate file in .CER format.

Device License Configuration Use this section to manage and configure alert thresholds and notifications for your device licenses.
Security Access Use this section to manage and configure client IDs and secrets.
Access Control Policy Use this section to configure the access policies for SOTI Connect local account users.