Adding a New Protocol Adapter (PA) to Form a Cluster

Before you begin

The following must be in place before you can set up a Protocol Adapter (PA) cluster:

  • Management Service (MS) is installed
  • Client ID and Client Secret security access credentials
  • User account with administrative permissions
  • Server without an installed MS or MQTT PA, MQTT RPC PA (server requires network access to the MS and the MQTT broker)
  • At least one MQTT PA or MQTT RPC PA already present in the SOTI Connect system

About this task

This process describes how to add a new protocol adapter to an existing one to form a PA cluster.

Note: The first PA in a cluster is always installed as standalone. Subsequent PAs of the same type in the cluster will be installed as Part of a Cluster.


  1. Run SOTI Connect Installer.exe. The SOTI Connect Setup Wizard is displayed. When prompted, confirm that you want to allow the installer to make changes to your system.
  2. Select New installation of some or all components, then click Next. The Installation Type window is displayed.
    New Installation of Some or All Components
  3. Select Custom, then click Next. The Select Components window is displayed.
  4. Select Protocol Adapter: Mqtt or Protocol Adapter: Mqtt RPC, then click Next. The Communication Certificates window is displayed.
    Note: Options for Management Service, Logging Service, and File Store Service should be unchecked. These were installed when the MS was established.
    Setup Wizard Components Screen
  5. Select Import root certificate from file, click Browse and navigate to the root certificate. Add the Certificate Password, then click Next. The Configure MQTT Protocol Adapter window is displayed.
    Setup Wizard Communication Certificates
  6. Select Part of a Cluster. Complete the rest of the fields on this window (the Network Address of Management Service (MS) and Logging Service, the Client ID and Client Secret, and the Username and Password of a user with administrative permissions). Note that you must have created at least one security access. See Providing Security Access
  7. Click Test Connection. If the test is unsuccessful, check the following:
    • Check that the Client ID and Client Secret are entered correctly.
    • From this location, open the Connect web page. Log in with the Username and Password used above. Ignore possible warning messages about the root certificate. It will become trusted during the installation.
    • Log out on the web page and log back in. Check that the EULA is accepted.
  8. Click Next. The Configure MQTT Protocol Adapter Cluster window is displayed.
  9. Select an existing PA or PA cluster with which you want to form a cluster, then click Next. The installer connects to the MS and requests MQTT broker connection details. Once completed, the Root Folder window is displayed.
  10. Select the folder where you want the PA installed. Click Next, then Install to complete the process.


The new cluster is displayed on the System Architecture table (System Management), as shown in this example:

Cluster examples