Global Settings: Console Settings

Use the Authentication Options pane to select the method SOTI Connect uses to authenticate and authorize users.

SOTI Connect

With this option, SOTI Connect authenticates and authorizes users with their web console credentials.

Note: SOTI Connect only supports security groups associated with Active Directory groups from OneLogin. Groups created within OneLogin are not supported.

Identity Provider

With this option, SOTI Connect uses IDP credentials to authenticate and authorize users. SOTI Connect administrators can create groups when using the selected IDP authentication, but cannot assign users directly to that group. When users log in, they are matched to the group by name and added.

Name The name of the identity provider
IDP Entity ID The issuer URL from the provider page.
IDP URL The SAML 2.0 endpoint (HTTP) from the provider page.
Logout URL The SLO endpoint (HTTP) from the provider page.
Certificate The X.509 PEM certificate, obtained from the provider page. To obtain the certificate, on the page, under X.509 Certificate, click View Details. Select X.509 PEM and click Download.
Important: When you are entering information into OneLogin, note that the Audience value is case sensitive, and must match the EntityId used by SOTI Connect exactly.

SOTI Identity

With this option, SOTI Identity authenticates and authorizes users.

SOTI Identity Enter the web address of your SOTI Identity installation.
Client ID Enter your SOTI Identity client ID.
Client Secret Enter your SOTI Identity client secret.