iOS Enrollment Types

Enroll iOS devices using either Device Enrollment or User Enrollment, depending on the needs of your deployment.

Device Enrollment

Use Device Enrollment in environments where you will have control over the entire device. SOTI MobiControl leverages iOS MDM capabilities to provide comprehensive oversight of your iOS devices.

You can enroll supervised devices and use the Apple Device Enrollment Program with these devices.

User Enrollment

Use User Enrollment in BYOD environments where devices are personal devices where the enterprise adds accounts, apps, and data. On devices enrolled with user enrollment, a cryptographically isolated managed volume is created on the device to keep work data separate from personal data. Upon device unenrollment, this managed volume and associated cryptographic keys are destroyed, ensuring that no trace of enterprise data remains on the device.

User enrollment is only supported on devices running iOS 13.1 or later.

You cannot supervise devices enrolled under user enrollment nor can you participate in the Apple Device Enrollment Program. Additionally, you may only deploy iOS Custom Applications to devices.

To maintain device user privacy, devices enrolled via user enrollment report a more limited set of information to SOTI MobiControl compared to those devices enrolled using device enrollment. Omitted information includes but is not limited to, phone number, IMEI and device ID. Features such as the Send SMS and Clear Passcode device actions, the Roaming Restrictions advanced configuration, and WiFi proxy configuration are not supported.